“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for The Amazing Mr. B, Scott Broderick. He has visited our library and presented several shows. Each show featured different tricks and illusions that fit with the theme, be it our summer reading program, or a specific holiday event. Mr. B’s performances appeal to all ages from small children to adults. The lively performances are filled with audience participation, laughter and awe. Mr. B’s ability to engage children and their parents, with the same tricks and illusions, shows his experience and skill as a magician.”

Tomeka Berry

I have been fortunate enough to see Mr. B perform a number of times. The first time was when I won a performance he donated for a school silent auction. We then saw him working at a Spring Carnival where he kept his act fresh and his audience interested.  Mr. B easily relates to children and holds their attention with humor and fun. My daughter enjoyed him so much she had him perform at her 10th birthday party. Mr. B entertained everyone at the show!

Perry Jones

During Mr. B’s performance there were several things that set him apart from the usual magic act.  His teaching background seemed to leave him completely at ease with his audience –he elicited enthusiastic responses AND maintained control of the crowd. He sprinkled his performance with delightful patter that had everyone laughing and looking forward to the next trick!

Kimberly Smith